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Bean Tagine

Hello Zoe,
   OK here goes.Passata I don't know what else to call it.I've checked 
the box and the labelling is in 5 languages so it must be available all 
over the world.I assume it's Italian so is there anyone who can speak 
Italian who can help us out?

250g is 9oz  so 500g must be 18oz
375ml is 3/4 pint or 15fl oz (I think)I used just under that amount.

The 500g of beans is a dry weight (It was for 1 whole packet of Bean 
I'm a bit of toss it in and see what happens cook (This is from a proper 
recipe!!!) so the tinned beans are a matter of choice it works with the 
2 x 400g (is that 14/15oz?) or the 1 x 400g + 2 x 300g (You just get 
more beans :0)

Please if anyone makes this will you tell me how it worked out :0)))))
I think I'll keep my recipes to myself in future vvvbg!!!!