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Re: soy milk

Hi Sophie,

I use fat-free Soy Moo most of the time, because it's fat free and has a
good supply of calcium and other nutrients.  However,  I sometimes use
others (Harmony Farms and Pro Soya) that have fat (2-3 grams per cup) but
have fewer calories (70-80 as opposed to the Soy Moo's 110).  I generally
prefer soy milk to rice milk because the soy has much more protein than the
rice; I feel like I'm getting more than carbohydrates for my money.

Susan Voisin

sophie wrote:
>I was wanting everyone's advice on the best low-fat or fat-free soy milk on
>the market. There are so many out there and I'd love anyone's help in
>a few to try. I tried one called Pacific brand and I quite liked it. Any
>thanks in advance
>an aussie in LA