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Re: Passata

Sounds like it could be either tomato paste or tomato sauce.
Is it real thick and pasty, so that you have to shake it off a
spoon?  Or is it thinner, and does it pour fairly easily?

Lee Ann

> From: Maralyn <maralyn.olsen@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Passata
> Date: Tuesday, August 04, 1998 7:02 AM
> Oops :0)
> I don't know what you would call it in other parts of the world!!!
> It is sieved tomatoes that come either in a jar 750ml (the one I used 
> was by Princes Buon Appetito range.It says "Smooth Rich Sieved Tomatoes" 
> but most big supermarkets do their own brand.
> Or in 500ml cartons.I have one here by Valfrutta.
> It is just tomato and salt.
> I have had loads of request as to what it is.I'm sure if I knew the 
> brand names in other countries you would all know what I'm talking 
> about.However as I suggested to other people, if you can't get it I'm 
> sure you could whiz some tinned tomatoes through the blender, but try 
> and find the passata.You must have it...by some other name :0)
> Try the recipe though it is really tasty spicy and sweet at the same 
> time!!!
> Regards
> Maralyn