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Re: Veggie Weddings

>Even if you do find one, that will not change the surprise that "uncle
>Jack, your bride's meat and potatoes man" finds when he can't get his
>prime rib there. I'm sure that he will remember your wedding as the one
>that served "meadow grass" instead of real food. I don't know many
>veggies like myself who have families that eat the same way. Now if you
>don't care, that's fine.

At the risk of beating a dead horse I want to comment on a couple of the
ideas that are presented here.  First off, at the wedding it is the bride
and groom who choose the food.  A few weeks ago I served at the wedding of
an up and coming athlete where the food was "gourmet".  More than half of
the food came back uneaten and unfortunately having served at many weddings
this is pretty much par for the course.  You cannot have a gathering of so
many people and be able to pick a menu that everyone will enjoy.  Especially
for a sit down formal dinner.

Also the idea that vegetarians eat "meadow grass"  seems kind of offensive
to me.  Personally I am not one of those vegetarians who eat sprouts and
tofu in a pita...mostly cause I think sprouts taste like dirt...  There are
many different vegetarian dishes that people eat daily that they wouldn't
think of as "vegetarian" just good eating.

No I don't think that your wedding is necessarily the time to introduce Aunt
Mimi and Uncle George to the joys of tofu, but there is way more to
vegetarian food then tofu so I don't think that this has to be an issue.

How about having a buffet with different vegetarian dishes so that people
could pick and choose.  I find that there tends to be less waste at a buffet
because people can choose for themselves what they would like to eat.

Final note, your wedding is your day.  People come to your wedding to
support you and celebrate with you...not for the prime rib or chicken kiev.
Whatever your decision, have a wonderful day:)