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Re: Cookbook Recommendations?

There are two books that I would recommend depending on your friends reasons
for wanting a vegetarian cookbook.

The first is Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison.  This one
is fabulous in that it is easy to read and is pretty much my bible when it
comes to how to cook normal food in innovative ways using what you have on
hand.  However, this book is not low-fat and many of the recipes rely
heavily on butter, cheese and eggs.  So if the aim is to reduce fat this may
not be the one she would choose (of course I modify the heck out of the
basic recipes to keep them more in line with my eating goals but not
everyone wants to do that.)

The other is called The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook by Diana Shaw.  This
book is really great.  It also gives some innovative recipes but she does
call on some things that many people would call unusual (for example wheat
berries or arugula).  However there are still many recipes with everyday
ingredients that are easy to prepare.  The recipes are all either low or
nonfat which is nice.  In the recipes that do call for amounts of oil it is
usually miniscule like two teaspoons or so which are easy to substitute for.
I love this cookbook too.

Hope this helps.


->A friend asked me for a recommendation for a good, simple, vegetarian