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Some questions.........


	I've been reading this list for a while now having found the need/desire
to switch more and more to the vegetarian life style for choice, comfort
and health reasons.  You have really inspired me with all of your yummy
sounding recipes.  However, I need to retrofit my kitchen, so to speak,
with the correct ingredients, cooking utensils and cook books before I can
really get going.  In the mean time I have some questions.

1.	There has been frequent mention to eating SAD but I've seen no
definition of what that  means.  Could someone please enlighten me?

2.	Nutritional Yeast......  Is that a specific variety of yeast?  Is it
labeled ?nutritional? I purchased something in the health food section of
my local supermarket that came in bulk, was mustard yellow in color and
called yeast.  Maybe I was expecting something different or used it wrong
but, to my taste buds, it was the most disgusting thing I?ve run into

3.	At an out of town Harvest Festival I purchased 3 7 oz. packets of
something called ?Original 3-B Mix? from a local entrepreneur.  It was a
mix of Barley, Bulgur, and Brown rice which cooked up to approximately 2 ½
cups after 25 minutes when added to 2 cups of water and could be used as
one would use brown rice of as a breakfast cereal.  It seems to me I should
be able to create the same results on my own but so far I?ve been
unsuccessful.  Has anyone heard of this or have any ideas what proportions
of each of the three ingredients should be used?

Again, thanks to list master and all who contribute.  This list is a
fantastic resource.

Mina Heinemann-Bellah in Portland, OR