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FATFREE Digest V98 #101

>Could someone please post a definitive oatmeal recipe that serves one
>hearty portion that can be prepared in the microwave.  I just can't seem
>to get the proper proportions down.  Mine is always too clump-like, no
>matter how much H20, I put in, it always is a lump and I don't like it
>that way, I like it kinda soupy.  HELP!!  Microwaving is the key
>though.  TIA!!
>Durham, NC
>Now, the azaleas are blooming!!(Dogwoods are still, too!!)


	I usually put about a cup of oats in a bowl and add one and
two-thirds to two cups *boiling* water to it.  Obviously, use the microwave
to boil the water :)  Cover and let soak for a few minutes.  That way, you
don't overgelatinize the starch in the oats - they come out perfectly done,
more or less, full of flavor, and with two cups of water they come out a
little soupy.  Then you can add some blackstrap molasses (my current
favorite), a sprinkle of brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon.... You know you
have enough water if you can stir the oats around and mix the 'other
stuff.'  If they're still not hot enough for you, you can cook them in the
microwave to heat them up, but remember the longer you cook them like that,
the lumpier they will be.  Hope this helps!