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Another travel plea, boat travel in Alaska!

I can use some travel tips from anyone that's been to or live(d) in 
Alaska.....  or anyone that's lived on a sailboat for a week .... 

My 8yo and I are going to (hopefully) meet my brother and SIL in 
Juneau in July (they will be up there on a boat), and travel with 
them for a week or so to Ketchikan by boat.

I've been warned that there won't be much fresh produce on the
boat, and my daughter and I don't eat fish so I figure on packing
dried veggies, fruits, and cereals for the boat portion.  Any ideas
welcome here (I will take some stuff & hopefully shop in Juneau also).    

I have another 5 to 7 days before/after that I am trying to plan off boat.
Based on guidebook info & sporadic advice from my brother, I'm thinking 
of a couple days in Juneau, and 3 - 4 days at either Glacier Park or 
Anchorage/Seward  (I know Glacier is closer to Juneau, but I really like 
the description of the Anchorage/Seward train so am thinking of flying
up for that & see Kenai Fjords National Park instead of Glacier). I am
not quite sure what to expect for Juneau and Seward though, should
I try to book a place with a kitchen or would we do ok eating out...
(My 8yo is picky but omnivorous and I would be ok with eating pasta
with tomato sauce for a few days so I don't have to cook on vacation). 

And... this is a real long shot, but the Lonely Planet guidebook mentions
a B&B Le Barn Appetit with the only health food store in Seward...anyone
been there, I presume that would be a reasonably health oriented B&B?

Would appreciate any advice anyone can offer on this trip!

Aiko Pinkoski