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mustard greens!


i also grew up eating those fatty, smokey greens.  now, my absolute
favorite way to fix mustard (or any) greens is this:

saute a chopped onion and some garlic (and a spicy chile pepper, if
you're of that persuasion) in a little water or nonstick spray.  wash
the greens and slice them into ribbons.  stir them into the onion
mixture by handfuls (i do this as i'm slicing them).  add a can of diced
tomatoes w/ their juice (i like the kind w/ roasted garlic), stir
everything together, cover, and simmer until the greens are tender.

this is also great w/ indian spices (cumin, tumeric, curry, etc.)--just
saute them along w/ the onion mixture.

yet another version produces a great veggie "hash," which i like best of
all. (i like to do this a big, deep pot on top of the stove, but you can
also use your pressure cooker--that way, it only takes 10 minutes, but
be sure to use a flame tamer beneath the pot, as the greens scorch
easily.)  begin as above w/ the onion, etc. and saute lightly.  have the
greens washed and sliced and a couple of potatoes washed and sliced
thinly.  layer the greens and potatoes into the pot, then dump a can of
tomatoes and their juice over all.  cover and simmer until everything is

this really is more flavorful than the sum of its parts--hope you like
it as much as i do!  and btw, all versions are good rolled up in soft
flour tortillas for breakfast, or whenever.