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Re: celery

How about a celery soup?  I wonder how a cream of celery soup with skim
milk and a fat free roux would come out?  Put in lots of little red
potatoes and some fresh herbs.  Yum!  And lima beans...  oh, I know what
you can make.  My husbane makes lima bean soup in the pressure cooker, I
suppose you could use a regular pot.  Here's what you should do:

Take some large lima beans, not babies, and soak them overnight.  When
they're done soaking, rub them briskly between your hands to help the
skins come off, then diskard as many of the skins as you can.  Take the
lima beans and cook them in vegetable broth or in water with some whole
pieces of celery, onions and carrots, sage and rosemary.  No salt yet.
Cook them until the beans are meltingly soft.  Then throw out the veggies
(you could put them in a cheesecloth bag if you like).  I'd puree the
remaining beans and broth, add some diced celery and cooked potatoes (red
ones are really nice) and then simmer until the celery is cooked but still
firm (mushy celery is gross).  You can garnish it with chopped celery
heart leaves, too.

I'd be hungry now if I wasn't full from dinner.  We're having lima bean
soup tomorrow, which is why I thought of it.

Or you could makr the old childhood standby of stuffed celery sticks.
Bean dip/hummous would work well if you can't eat fatty stuff, as would
(I'm guessing) egg white-only egg salad with ff mayo.

Um.  Celery, what else.  I love brainstorming.  I'd make celery juice, but
I'm in love with my juice machine.  Tonight I had cucumber, beet, apple
and ginger.  Mmmm.... and there's enough leftover to drink for lunch

Sorry, too tired to think of more,
Sandra Mort

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Rcaap wrote:

> My SO and I recently both did the shopping independently of each other
> (ooops!) which means we ended up with double of a number of things, including
> celery.  Now I like celery well enough, but 2 whole bunches?!  Any ideas of
> how to use up the celery would be appreciated!  -Rosemary