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Re: McDougall Cookbook

I believe the Quick and Easy Cookbook was intended to be a bit more
"mainstream" than his other books, and does include a few items which he
admonishes us to avoid in his other books (I think there's even a recipe
that includes avocado, if I recall correctly.)  The recommendation to avoid
pasta (and bread) and soy foods are specific to his maximum weight loss
program.  In all of his other books whole grain pasta and bread are
acceptable foods, but he considers soy foods to be "rich" (read high in
fat) and recommends that their use be kept to a minimum.

At 10:57 PM 4/28/98 -0500, Jed Dolnick wrote:
>I happened to check out the "McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook" from the
>this week and also saw some references on this site to his negative views on
>pasta and soy products. This book contains a number of recipes featuring
>and tofu. I'm not very familiar with the man or the program, but I thought
>mention it. BTW, the recipes are, indeed, quick and easy, and look very good.

Iowa City, Iowa