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Can we talk about


Okay, so it's not exactly the most popular thing in the world to talk
about our bathroom habits.  But many things can contribute to
constipation.  Especially a lack of water and fiber in our diets.

Those of us on VLF eating regimens are prone to sometimes having bouts
of, well, hard stools that are difficult to evacuate.

Add to the equation some of the drugs that many of us are on, and WOW,
a trip to the bathroom can be downright torture.

No longer, friends!  Step right up and take the cure for constipation.
It's right here in this little bag of magic fiber called oat bran.
That's what I said, folks, oat bran.  One serving in the morning and
enough dioxygenated hydrogen (that's water for us non-chemists) during
the day to produce clear urine (a mere 10 to 12 glasses of it a day),
and (well, I was going to say kiss constipation good-bye, but that's
DISGUSTING!) you'll no longer be afraid to visit the bathroom.

Getting serious for a moment, into one cup of water add three heaping
tablespoons of water.  With the heat near high, start stirring and
keep stirring until the stuff starts to boil.  Turn the heat down to
simmer and cook for two minutes.

Pour the thickened goo into your bowl.  IMMEDIATELY wash the pot
before it turns into concrete.  By then the oat bran will have
thickened a little more.

Serve with some maple syrup, or a sweetener of your choice.  Tastes
just like oatmeal, but has so much more fiber that it's unbelievable.