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Starting the day

Coffee is one of those things on my "NO NO" list.  So I normally use
Roma, a grain beverage that tastes as smooth as coffee, and even has a
hint of its flavor, but has never even seen so much as a miligram of

However, for a real nutritional start in the morning I drink a
tablespoon of blackstrap molasses. Some call it "molasses coffee." It
has a plethora of vitamins and minerals, including potassiam and
calcium and virtually all of the B vitamins.

But most important to me, is that it tastes wonderful (to my palate)
and gives me an energy boost to start the day without the caffine let

Since I started drinking it thrice daily, my fingernails have gotten
stronger and some areas of psoriasis on my body are disappearing.

My favorite brand is Plantation.  Don't use the stuff with sulfa in
it.  Yeeech!