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what to do with mustard greens

We have numerous mustard plants in full glory at the moment, actually
threatening to bloom/seed.  The greens I ate growing up were cooked with ham
hocks, bacon, and other nasties.  The taste of these mustard greens sure is
stronger than I remember . . . of course, they were covered up with all that
goop back then!

Any ideas for how to enjoy lots of mustard greens?  I've tried them fresh in
a salad (too strong for my husband's tastebuds) and cooking them in veggie
stock with garlic and tamari.  That was based on an Ornish recipe which was
okay, but the greens tasted better after mixing in some corn and giving a
neutral background to the strong tamari and mustard flavors (at least,
that's why *I* think it was better!).

TIA for any ideas!