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Pasta w/o Parmesan and Butter


When I make pasta without a sauce, I toss it with some hot vegetable 
broth, after cooking and draining, instead of butter.  It keeps the pasta 
from clumping up and adds a bit of flavor.  Instead of Parmesan cheese, 
you could try one of the many vegan Parmesan subs.  My HFS has a couple 
and Dixie Diner's Club has some too.  I've never tried any of them, 
because I don't really miss Parmesan, so I can't comment on their 
flavor.  I have used nutritional yeast on pasta and baked potatoes and 
would highly recommend it, however, it is does not taste that much like 
Parmesan.  It just has a kind of cheesy flavor.

Kristin Phillips