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Re: the great egg replacer debate

At 09:24 AM 4/25/98 -0700, Amy D. Ruzycki-Shinabarger wrote:
>	I tried Wonderslim fat and egg sub. once, and it was enough for me.  I
>wound up with a very rubbery, dense cake.  However, I have used the EnerG
>egg replacer for years with great results for everything except those
>recipes that call for a large amount of egg whites.  It doesn't change the
>texture noticably to me.  
Where do you find this stuff?  I've asked every supermarket manager in town
to get them for me and they look at me like I'm from outerspace.  They have
no idea what I'm talking about and usually point me to the Egg Beaters
which are fine, but are still an egg product. :(  Keep in mind that I live
in a small semi-rural town in Alabama and the closest thing we have to a
health food store is GNC.

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