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Vegemite & EQUAL

Although I don't come from or live in Australia, I grew up eating Vegemite,
Marmite & Bovril. The 1st 2 are vegetarian, Bovril is beef based. I think
most kids in Singapore like it. We eat it in rice porridge/congee. A
typical Chinese style lunch is plain rice congee with a variety of
stir-fries to accompany. And all the kids would be fighting for that bot of
Vegemite or Bovril to stir a heaped teaspoonful of the stuff into their
congee. It is, IMO, delicious. And that's the only way I used to eat my
congee... I didn't care for the other dishes...haha...

Another way is to stir a teaspoon or 2 into a mug of boiling water,
sprinkle in some ground black pepper, and get soup!! 

As for EQUAL which is aspartame, the sweetness is lost when exposed to
great heat. Don't bake with it! Use saccharin (SweetNLow) or Stevia for
cooking. BTW, there's SweetNLow brown sugar too.. which can be used for the
Banana & Blueberry Bread recipe that's going around. Lucky you people in
the US, coz we don't have SNL Brown Sugar here in Singapore, and I had
lugged back 3 boxes of it from NYC last autumn. Imagine the customs
officers' faces when I had a huge bag full of that stuff, plus FF salad
dressings, FF muffin/cake/frosting mixes, FF cookies/puddings... u name
it... these stuff are so tough to find and SO expensive in S'pore!

Karen Lim