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banana bread and weight loss

     Just my two cents on the banana bread:  it's awesome!  I modified it,
     slightly, as well.  I added the dash of cinnamon, another dash of
     nutmeg, and another dash of cardamom.  I put it in a 9 x 9 pan and it
     was much like a unfrosted coffee cake / snack cake.  I may even be so
     bold as to say I may put raisins in it next time!  That's right.

     For the person looking for success stories:  I have lost 20 or so lbs,
     and I look significantly different.  Like other's stories, my blood
     pressure was elevated, and my doctor freaked on me.  It was a three
     part change: a change in eating; aerobics and weight lifting; and this
     list.  In addition, I have quit both caffeine and smoking (definitely
     the hardest change!) and to date I feel fabulous.  I was always a
     vegetarian, so that wasn't hard, since even TVP is disgusting to me (I
     am a texture person, you see).  So, hang in there!