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Simple (but good) Veggie Sandwhich

I know everyone has made a veggie sandwhich, but for those of you who (like me) aren't the best cooks, this is a tasty and filling sandwhich which I love!

-Dice up about 2 cups of your favorite veggies.  I use tomato, celery, cukes, peppers, raw spinach, carrots, and whatever else I have on hand.
-Add about 2 tablespoons of non-fat salad dressing. ( I use Creamy Cucumber, just be sure to read labels for gelatin!)
-Cut a couple of slices of non-fat veggie pepperoni into small pieces and mix it in. (I use Yves, but I'm not sure if it's available outside Canada.)
-Season with pepper, lemon juice, and tobasco sauce if desired.
-Cut a small hole in the side of a non-fat whole wheat pita pocket, and stuff all the goodies inside!

I know this is a really simple recipe, but served with (for example) some non-fat cottage cheese, this makes a nice, light summer lunch.

VLF Lacto-vegetarian