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Re: huh??? on fatfree

Yeast spreads: "a tasty source of Vit B complex".  Marmite and vegemite are
different, marmite is sweeter I think (but not sweet).  Most non-Kiwi's hate
them from what I hear.  Ingred off the marmite jar:  yeast, sugar, salt,
wheatgerm extract, mineral salt, colour, herbs, spices, vitamins
5g contains 0.3mg Bit B1, 0.3mg of Riboflavin and 2.6mg of Niacin. (100%
vegetarian).  It is yummy on toast with slices of tomato on.  Difficult to
describe, you will have to try it!  I love it as a savoury spread!

>>I missed the post you were quoting re:  yeast spread and I think I've seen
>>vegemite in the hfs....what on earth *are* these things???