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Portabellas and greenbeans

One of my favs is portabellas and green beans.  Decide how much  you
want to eat and adjust quantities.  Slice the portabellas up in thick
chunks or slices (depending on size of your skillet).  Wash and snap
ends off of beans.  Begin to saute the portabellas in a nonstick skillet
with a generous amount of red wine (the $6 bottle works well), fresh
ground black pepper, thyme and a dash of salt over a medium high heat
hot enough to get the wine to steam and bubble.  Microwave the beans in
a glass pyrex-type dish with 3 tbs of H2O that is covered tightly with
plastic wrap for about 4 minutes on high.  (IMO, this works wonders for
most veggies.)  When it dings, add the beans to the portabellas and
steam and bubble some more until it has reduced by about half.  Serve
over jasmine or brown rice.

Durham, NC
The dogwoods are blooming!!!!