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Thanks for Stefado

Now that I have finally tried out the recipe for
Stefado. I would like to thank the original poster.  It
was delicious!  I had never tried TVP chunks, and in
fact had been trying to post a request for recipes
using them so I could open the bag in my pantry at
last.  (I gave up on the message after it failed to
appear after 3 tries!)  The Stefado was cooking all day
while my office assistant and I sat and suffered in my
home office....it smelled so good!  Eventually we had
to go downstairs and stick a spoon in the
pot....Husband says it's a keeper, though it may not
fool the meat-loving tofu-hating son when he gets home
for the summer.  Close, though!

Next time I may add some green pepper chunks.  I wanted
something green with the meal....and maybe I'll
increase the water a bit, since I like a little more
sauce with my stew.

Only one question remains:  who or what is a Stefado?
I've never heard the word before, and don't even know
what nationality to attribute it to.  Is it a standard
dish somewhere?

Anyone have other recipes for TVP chunks?

Have a good holiday weekend, all!


Ruth C. Hoffman     ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes but in having new eyes."  --Marcel