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Re: portobello, please

hi jenka..here is an easy one I fixed a couple of days ago..elle

place 1 Knorr (or similar) vegetarian bullion cube in 1 cup of h20  in 
microwave save glass dish with snug top..heat and disolve bullion
coarse chop several mild onions (I use green salad onions), 2 fresh 
tomatoes (I like romas) and a pinch of rosemary and thyme from the garden 
(or dry)
wash and lightly trim the stem of the mushrooms and place them in  liquid 
in container, put chopped tomato/onion and herbs on top
microwave on med 5-7 minutes..till water is simmering and vegetables are 
cooked but dont over cook
serve with rice
use leftover mushrooms the next day with the sauce as sort of a 'french 
dip' veggie sandwich
jenka writes:
>I have read various recipes for portobello mushrooms, 


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