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Re: Potatoes

Hi Elizabeth,

Potatoes in and of themselves are fat free. However HOW they are prepared
does make a difference to HOW your body responds to them.

You wrote:
I have always been told they turned to suger in the body (the bad suger you
don't want). Please someone help b/c I have been trying to lay off them as
much as I can.

When it comes to eating carbohydrates you have a choice of simple and
Complex (good)
Simple (not so good)

As far as potatoes go well........................

There is an index of food which allows us to view which foods are a good
source of carbs (amoungst other things) and which aren't.
The rating for such "good carbs" is anything UNDER 100.

Potatoes vary as you can tell by the chart. Accordingly this chart indicates
which are the "best" methods for prepairing them and which aren't.

Potato, instant                        118
Potato, baked                          121
Potato, new                             81
Potato, Pontiac, boiled                 80
Potato, Prince Edward Island, boiled    90
Potato, boiled, mashed                 104
Potato, canned                          87
Potato, white, not specified, boiled    80
Potato mashed                          100
Potato, steamed                         93
Potato, microwaved                     117
Potato, white, Ontario                  85
French fries                           107
Sweet potato                            77
Swede (rutabaga)                       103
Yam                                     73

Remember to try to keep the rating BELOW 100.

Now you go and enjoy them potatoes.

Hope this helps,

David Siscoe
Exercise Specialist