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Re: Nutritional yeast

In a message dated 98-04-15 06:22:04 EDT, Mina writes:

<< Nutritional Yeast......  Is that a specific variety of yeast?  Is it
 labeled nutritional. I purchased something in the health food section of
 my local supermarket that came in bulk, was mustard yellow in color and
 called yeast.  Maybe I was expecting something different or used it wrong
 but, to my taste buds, it was the most disgusting thing I've run into lately.

Some of this has already been answered but as far as the taste, I don't care
for it alone, either.  It reminds me of old swiss cheese, which I've never
liked.  I do use it in various sauce recipes to give a vaguely swiss-cheesy
taste as well as a nutritional boost, but only as one of many ingredients.  If
you or anyone else would like a repost of my (Tofu) Cream of Spinach
Soup/Sauce for pasta, the Not Cheese Sauce or the Alfredo sauce I thought I
picked up from here, just let me know.