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Re: breakfast ideas

Jason P Affourtit asked about breakfast ideas.  I too do not like plain
soy or rice milk on cereal.  I haven't figured out how to make and take
oatmeal to work (anyone?) so what I do is buy the organic "shredded
wheat".  They are little bite size things.  I put them in a ziploc bag
and bring to work.  I eat them with my fingers as I am working and I
have fresh fruit that I also eat (nectarines, plums, banannas, etc).  I
save some of the shreddies for my "tea" break.  I have found that the
organic has no sugar or fat or preservatives and because of the no
preservatives (like BHT in other cereals) they taste really good.  Or
she can use any kind of cereal that can be eaten with your fingers (not
rice krispies!) 8^)