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Researching the archives

As I have previously mentioned, if you are new to this list, I heartily
recommend the archives...such fascinating reading...

I came across this recipe in them.  I am hoping someone can tell me what is
meant by 3 eggbeaters..surely not 3 cartons?  Surely not 3 cups?  Aside
from the fact that I think Eggbeaters are entirely too expensive, I just
don;t see the point of them... they are mostly eggwhites and chemicals.  So
I never use them and have no idea of what is meant by 3 eggbeaters.  Thanks
for helping the Opinonated Chef!!

Gloriamarie     gma@xxxxxxxx
In La Mesa, CA, 1 town east of San Diego where, hallelujah, we once againn
have ...sigh...perfect weather and a lovely breeze and not so darned hot!!