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Re: Soy and/or Rice Milk in Canada & Nutritional Yeast

Leah wrote:
>Is it illegal only for stores to import and resell nondairy "milks" &
>"cheeses"?  If that is the case, you can get them over the internet from
>various "shopping" sources on-line.  This is also a good way to get the
>proper nutritional yeast if you can't find it near you.  You want the
>Red Star nutritional yeast flakes for the uncheese recipes.  Just a

Hi Leah;
        They've pulled the occasional cheese and soymilk product from our
shelves (the companies themselves take the items out, under threat of a
$5,000 fine from the government).  They tend to be the products that taste
too similar to the dairy equivalents, and/or those that approximate them too
closely in nutritional values (for example, when fortified with calcium).
It's the same deal that made us have to suffer white or neon-crayola-yellow
margerine, because it originally looked too much like butter.  There's some
sort of non-competition law when it comes to our Dairy Board.
        I would, however, *love* to be able to shop from U.S. sources, but
the shipping and handling atop our dollar's (BAD!) exchange rate puts me in
the poor house.