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dixies eggnot

On  Sun, 31 Aug 1997 Larry Grossman wrote:
>This may be a dumb question but I recently received a bag of Egg (Not!) as
>part of my introductory kit from Dixie Diners. It says use 1 teasoon of Egg
>(Not!) with 2 tablespoons of water for each egg in your recipes. Does this
>mean that if you add the water to the Egg (Not!) it won't work in such a way
>that you can make scrambled eggs using it? I tried to do just that but the
>substance, while looking like the type of thing that you could scramble,
>simply would not solidify no matter what I did and it was useless. I am not a
>cook. I usually simply nuke my food. What did I do wrong? If Egg (Not!) won't
>work for scrambled eggs do you have to use something like Egg Beaters to have
>your egg substitute fix or are there other alternatives that are more ovo

     I bought some, when they had the French Fries and Onion Ring recipe in
their catalog, this was used as a coating to hold the ground up low fat corn
chips on the  onion rings, which are then cooked in the oven ( I had given
up onion rings 8<(  because of the fat ) long ago and these really tasted
good. A small recipe book came with the eggnot and the best i could tell you
can't just cook it, it's only used in recipes, cookies cake etc.