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Jen's Middle Eastern Lentil Soup

Hi, all,

Just wanted you all to know that I made JBennicoff's Mideast Lentil Soup
(with some changes - whoever said the members of this list can never leave
well enough alone wasn't kidding, lol!) for my SAD children and me last
night.  They are not big soup eaters so I added a handful of rice to make it
more stew-like, and added the lemon juice only to my portion - tomato sauce
to theirs.  Results:  a) yum; b) the one boy who likes Progresso Lentil Soup
over rice tolerated it; and c) the boy I didn't even offer it to because he
doesn't like lentils (he wanted polenta with jalapeno peppers, so I went for
it) thought it was great and is having it for dinner tonight!  Go figure, and
another round of applause for Jen.

Also, to continue the never-ending but fun 'favorite gadget' thread, I forgot
all about my lovely nylon wisk.  Making polenta was such a cleanup pain that
I rarely made it, even though it's the healthiest thing my younger son really
likes to eat.  So...I finally came across this wisk and voila!  Polenta in a
nonstick pot practically peels right off, the wisk almost rinses clean and my
'baby' gets his polenta (with one agreed-upon veggie, soy cheese, butter
flavor and nutritional yeast thrown in at the end) whenever he likes!  Now,
if I could just locate a cheap, used mandoline....