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Kids Lunches and fake meat

Hi folks, haven't had much to say lately, but I though I might input on
this topic.

With kids lunches, I would go with a set pattern of courses, but vary the
actual food.  When I was a kid, and especially in High School, my mother
would  pack a salad,a soup, a sandwich, fruit, and sometimes something
sweet.  The salad was in an airtight container, the soup in a thermos
bottle.  The food was not lowfat or vegetarian, but was generally whole and
good.  Certainly it is easy to makle these courses very low fat and
vegetarian.  I do not suspect that these things took all that much time, as
she was(and is) a single working parent.

One of the good things in my case is that I would actually eat vegetables
and soups as opposed to hamburgers and fries, mostly, i suspect, because I
was not raised of the useless matter that is now charading as reasonable
food(although I did occasionally eat such "food").  In my lunches there was
probably a small piece of lunch meat and some meat chunks in the soup.

I am not sure if this helps, but maybe it shows a civilized lunch is
possible.  I cringe in horror when my very young friends tell me that the
go to school, have a Mcdonalds on site where they but the hamburger and
fries, and then grab serveral bags of chips as desert.  Some of them spend
more on lunch every day than I do.

As far as fake meats are concerned, i find I eat these as near junk food.
I generally keep some of them around for times that  when I want a quick
sandwich or crave the sausage and grits I had as a kid(it's an emotional
thing and not a taste thing), but I have never found any of them acutally
apitizing.  I think it is a combination of the fact that I never really
liked meat, and that Icannot consider anything so proccesed as to be actual


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