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Pizza dough

Back to "class clown," eh?  GUILTY!  After living what I've lived
through I refuse to take most things seriously.

But to the point: No, I don't let it rise a second time, I puncture the
crust with a couple of forks and pre-bake it at about 450 degrees (F)
for 10 or so minutes.

Naturally, I use no cheese on my pizzas, but my sister is not a vegan,
so we by fat-free cheese for her side of the pizza and then very lightly
spray it with "non-stick" spray (FAT, that's what it is, FAT, but if
they want to call it "non-stick..."

Then I bake it until done.

Unfortunately for my sister and niece (who is vegetarian but not 100%
vegan) being on Dr. McDouglall's MWL program, I'm off flour-based
products so they're not getting their pizza.