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Vegetarians in the News

It's always nice to see a big spread on vegetarianism in the mainstream 
press that isn't full of myths and old legends. Today's San Jose Mercury 
News was a good read. 

The Food section features a column by Caille Millner about becoming 
vegetarian and the hostility that elicits in some people. All the various 
food columns contain recipes and discussion about vegetarian cooking, and 
there is even some discussion about the fact that you can eat vegetarian 
and not necessarily be eating healthily. Some discussion about fat 
content of cheese and such. Even the wine column is geared to selecting 
the right wines to go with vegetarian fare!

The Living section features an article on "The Vegetarian Revolution." It 
has current information about protein needs and the various vitamins that 
vegetarians should pay attention to. It does not give a supplement slant, 
but rather focuses on the kinds of things to eat that will help you 
achieve those requirements.

My only complaint is a minor one - every time I read about vegetarianism 
in the mainstream press, they are full of cautions about making sure you 
get what you need from a nutritional standpoint. It seems to me that the 
mainstream, carnivore population has more to worry about on that score 
than people like us.

All in all, though, this focus in the paper today really made me feel 
good. If you want to check it out, try the web page: sjmercury.com. I 
think you have to subscribe to their service to get the full text, but if 
you see an article you'd particularly like to read, send me an e-mail and 
a fax number and I'll fax it to you.

Julie in San Jose