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Brewers/Nutritional/Torula Yeast

As with many other products, nutritional yeast has fallen through the
"name cracks" and one can--but not always--mean the same.

I buy my nutritional yeast (and it IS nutritional yeast) which is
clearly labeled Brewer's Yeast Flakes.

According to one recipe book I have it warns people NOT to eat Brewer's
Yeast or Torula Yeast as it has a terrible taste.

My HFS, which I trust implicitly, told me that the Brewer's Yeast they
sold was nutritional yeast.  They then turned the cannister around and
showed me the contents.

It is DELICIOUS!  And near the bottom of the label is says, "Superb
Taste, Exceptional Nutritional Content."  They didn't lie, it has a
wonderful nutty flavor.  The stuff used for making beer doesn't.

The yeast is made by Lewis Laboratories and costs about $10.00 for a 14
ounce cannister.

Apparently the name of the product has changed over the years, so I've a
feeling that those who are rejecting Brewer's Yeast because of its name
might want to check further before rejecting it as the real nutritional

Read the label, see what's in there and what it says it is.

HF Stores are not in the business of selling beer making materials, so
when they offer the product, ask if they will let you taste it right
there on the floor.  My HFS did and we're both delighted that they did.

Bev Kurtin