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Answer for Heather

I was vegetarian for several years before becoming vegan.  It isn't hard to be 
vegan and have hot chocolate if you use a non-dairy beverage ---I use a 
non-fat one that is vanilla flavored.  The one I use is a soy beverage so I 
haven't had experience with the rice milks and others.  As for the chocolate 
if you use cocoa and check the lable to be sure there is no dairy in it you 
can use it.  Unless it is a cocoa mix it should be just cocoa.  I happen to 
try to eat organic foods and I buy organic cocoa which is vegan and use the 
soy beverage and vegan marshmallows and put lots of marshmallows in the cocoa 
and call it dessert many nights--while my husband eats Dryers icecream.  
Becoming vegan isn't easy but I feel it is well worth the extra effort so good 
luck in your attempt.

(I"m sorry to post this to the list but I couldn't get my computer to accept 
Heather's name.)