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McDougall's poor editing?

Sheri mentions that in one of McDougall's latest
books he includes such items as olives, nuts, etc.
in the so-called fatfree recipes. 

I think it is a matter of poor editing. He
normally excludes all such ingredients, especially
in his MWL diet. I think that his great success
just got to him and he didn't have enough time
(nor did his wife) to edit the recipes adequately.

As far as other books publishing beef, chicken
and fish as "low fat", we see this all the time.
Those books are published for SAD eaters mostly.
Perhaps they are making a transition to VLF
diets--or they just don't understand the concept
of the very high fat content in most of those 

I fault the cook books for not telling their
readers the truth. But perhaps their only
goal is to sell a lot of their books. Why
not, that's the American way. Other media
lies all the time to make money. Perhaps
those people serious about reducing their
fat intake will read Michelle's FAQs to
get the truth.

Mike Rosenblatt