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Re: Acne Causing Foods

In a message dated 97-09-12 18:05:01 EDT, mbergh@xxxxxxx writes:

<<  I have an 11 year old who unfortunately has her father's
 acne problem.  She seems to be breaking out kind of bad on her forhead
 and chin lately.  I would like to work on changing her diet a little bit
 to see if that will help since cleaning regularly with stuff that is
 supposed to help doesn't seem to do much.  I feel really bad for her and
 I don't want this to get too bad to where she is really self conscious
 about it.  >>


I have it on very good authority from my son's dermatologist that what you
eat has nothing to do with acne.  The problem is a bacteria and not food.
 Take your daughter to a competent dermotologist where she can be treated
with meds that will make a big difference immeditately.
I tried the food route with my son for over a year and he just continued to
get worse..within a few months of proper treatment and he started to
improve..it's a year and he's just about finished..had i started sooner, it
would have been finished sooner.