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Uninformed public...


I truly feel for you.  Have you spoken with a holistic medicine
specialist or naturopath?  I don't know what antidepressants you are on,
but know that there is an herb that has been able to take the place of
Prozac for some people with great success.  That may be a solution for

I, too, get comments about my weight.  However, I am one of the people
that you are probably often confused with.  I am a pig, I don't exercise
regularly, I always seem to eat at least one high-fat meal per day, I
eat when I'm not hungry (just because something looks or smells good). 
I'm sorry people like me have made life more difficult for people like
you.  I am, however, trying not to be such a glutton and start
exercising more and eating more healthfully.  I can't seem to get myself
to stick to anything, though.  

Enough of my babble.  If you haven't already, you might want to try the
herbal approach if possible.  Just a thought.