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beans/lentils casserole

I made this recipe and a friend said it tasted like Boston Baked Beans.
She liked it and so did we.

Start with cooked beans (I cooked them in the pressure cooker with some
onion, and maybe a little salt, really I started with some I had frozen)

Warm up the beans and add
lots of raisins
cumin powder or seeds
cayenne pepper
chile powder
onion and garlic powder
and that is it, let it cook for a while so it absorbs the flavors.

Now, I also made something similar with lentils
But to the lentils I added all of the above, plus
chopped carrots
pieces of potatoes
and at the end, so they did not cook in so long, pieces of tomatoes

We enjoyed both.
You could add the carrots, tomatoes and potatoes to the first recipe,

Jenka Keizer-Guevara                    The University of Alabama
jguevara@xxxxxxxxxxx                    Instructional Technology
http://ua1vm.ua.edu/~jkeizer3/          Doctoral Candidate