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Susan's Potluck - Suggestion


A really easy, tasty and not too weird thing to make is beans and rice. 
Cook whatever quantity of brown rice that you need.  Rinse and drain
cans  of beans (unless you have time to cook dry beans, but it sounds
like you're pressed for time).  I usually use a combination of dark and
light kidney beans or dark kidney and small red (or roman) beans ...
about 25 percent beans and 75 percent rice.  Mix in as much salsa as you
need to make it moist and flavorful.  This is really tasty hot or cold. 
Another nice serving suggestion (if you want to make it more elegant and
find a really good deal on tomatoes) is to chill it, scoop out the
insides of a bunch of tomatoes (put the pulp and juice into the rice
dish) and fill the tomatoes with the beans & rice.  It's tasty and looks
like you spent a ton of time making it.  You can also add cooked corn
(especially if you can find some good fresh sweet corn) or serve with a
corn relish on the side.  Yummy!