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Cruise update and insanely yummy little sandwich

          For all those who expressed interest in my cruise
          experience, it was GREAT!!

          The dining room food did not disappoint, they actually had a
          "healthy" menu everyday, which they were more than happy to
          adapt even further to meet my requests.

          They even offered desserts, though not always VLF, they
          always derived less than 30% of CFF.  And, sherberts and
          sorbets were always offered.

          More casual meals, however, including poolside lunches only
          offered dry salad and typical fast-food fare.  So I had to
          eat in the dining room instead of up by the pool.  A small
          price to pay since I ate quickly and spent plenty of time in
          the sun (too much, actually, ouch!).

          Now, back at work (sigh), I am hungry every 5 minutes, but
          threw a great little sandwich togther yesterday as I gazed
          at the otherwise uninspiring salad bar.

          Insanely yummy little sandwich (for salad bar victims)

          whole wheat pitas
          thin sliced tomatoes
          garbanzo beans
          thin sliced cucumbers
          some type of sprouts

          Put all this in the pita and enjoy!  It didn't even need any
          dressing, the beans were a bit salty and the tomatoes juicy
          so it was fine.  I was surprised at how good it tasted, but
          maybe I was just SOOOO hungry.  Like I am now at only
          9:45am.  <sigh>