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Microwave chip maker/rice cooker

<<Yes, the microwave potato chip maker works. I find the chips boring so dip
them in ff ranch dressing or something of that sort. ... >>   <<I only paid
$5 for mine. Check at a MacFrugals...clearance place.>>

I love mine for tortilla chips.  I'm not THAT crazy about the potato chips
but I haven't had them for years, anyway, so I don't miss them.  I bought a
bag of Trader Joe's baked potato chips once to compare and they were, to my
taste, identical.

I season chips before putting them into the microwave .. they ARE bland
without some sort of seasoning.  With corn tortillas, I lay 6 tortillas out
on a cutting board and VERY LIGHTLY mist them with water so that salt or
Mexican seasoning or whatever will adhere.  Then I stack them and cut them
into 6ths (there are 36 slots in the chip maker) and shuffle them in like
cards.  This really only takes about 3 minutes.  Tortilla chips are done in
about 5 minutes .. then let set for a few more to further crisp.  Potato
chips take much longer (20-ish min.z) and are more labor-intensive to
preseason but, if you really crave them, it's a great gadget.  I tried
apple slices in them and also melted a few slots, they got so hot, btw.  As
with anything, you have to check them .. whoops!  ;)  If you have a
Pic'N'Save near you, I picked up a second one for $4.95 awhile back and
there may be a few here and there still.

Another GREAT thing they currently have is a microwave pressure cooker (I
don't think it's really a "pressure cooker" but it's a terrific (white
plastic) rice cooker type of cookware, also for $4.95).  Brown rice is done
in 30 minutes (maybe less .. I let it stand for a bit), white in 10-15.
Vegetables steam perfectly in 5-6 minutes.  It comes with a steaming rack,
measuring cup and very minimal instructions.  I bought a second one .. then
a third .. and use them all the time, including for veggie stews and such
(but discolored one with curry powder .. wasn't thinking).  Anyway, can't
really beat it for the price and efficiency.  This would be great for
travelers who stay in rooms with microwaves, btw.