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More on onions

Thanks to all of you who answered my questions about baby food and 
canning! That's why I've been a happy list member for two years now!

I've been reading the no-tears onion ideas with some interest. I laughed 
at my husband when he first tried swim goggles to slice onions, but after 
I tried it, I decided he SOMETIMES has good ideas. 

The method I use more often (swim goggles pinch my nose) is to light a 
candle and keep it near me while I slice. I got this one from Martha 
Stewart, and it really works. I use a taper candle in a tallish holder so 
the flame is closer to head height. The flame sucks the onion vapors in. 
If I have a really old onion, I put the candle between me and the onion - 
just make sure you don't lean into the flame! Nothing like living 

Julie in San Jose