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Troy wrote:
>You folks in Canada may not have access to the faux dairy products,
>but geez, those of you in Ontario have a pretty good time of it
>at Zehr's/Loblaw's/Supercentre, don't you?

        Depends on where you live.  When I was in Toronto (mighty birthplace
of my veggie days) I was in vegetarian product heaven.  Now that I'm in a
smaller town, when I ask for "Satan" (seitan), people look at me like I'm
plotting how to kidnap their babies for a diabolical ritual.
        I can't get unpasteurized miso, any of those NOTs (beef, chicken,
turkey, etc.), tempeh, seitan (without playing at making it myself, the
result of which which was, is, and always shall be inedible), decent cheeses
or milks, ethnic/regional foods & veggies (mochi, hominy, red bean paste,
etc.), nutlettes (that name, BTW, always makes me laugh), fat free soy
mayonaise, and a whole whack of other ingredients that pop up on this list
from time to time.

>You have PC *everything* !!  So much cool veggie stuff that I'm ready
>to make the 22 hour drive just to buy some.  Plus, you get all of the
>Yves stuff at less than half of what it costs in Florida.  And you
>get Timmy's coffee, too....*pout*

        I don't know what Timmy's coffee is, but granted we do get Yves
awful cheap (should do, too - they're headquartered in the next province).
        The PC stuff I never really buy; they're chock-full-o-things I can't
pronounce.  Call me a stooge, but tri-sodium-phosphatyl-di-metho-X99
never gets my taste buds going.  Maybe I'm just a worrier.  The PC "Too Good
to be True" line is fantastic, but not necessarily vegan or fat free.

        Oh, I just like to complain.