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Crispy polenta cakes

Another yummy thing I have made recently were these crispy polenta cakes:

250g (1 package) coarse polenta (yellow corn meal),
3 cups boiling water
1 tsp salt (optional)

Mix the ingrediants together in a large microwavable container and nuke  it
for 4 mins at high power (covered cause it spits- and is *really* hard to
clean off). Check to see if it needs water - this seems to be highly
variable - see your package.  Let it  sit and thicken and cool for 15
minutes.  Form into thick Garden burger sized patties and place them on a
nonstick baking tray.  Cook till crip and golden - about 30 minutes at
400F.  Make sure they don't burn.

Even my SNZD (Standard New Zealand Diet - roast lamb and potatoes) father
loved these.

      Laura Barwick
      Canberra, ACT, Australia