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restaurant cards?

Hello everyone.
This is my first post but I have to tell you all that without you I would not
have had anything to eat for the last year we have been "doing Ornish"! Thank
you all.
I hope this is not outside the guidelines, but I have to travel in the next
few months and I remember somewhere (Veggie Times? Veggie Life?) reading an
ad for little cards in many different languages (with the English equivalent,
of course) which say something like "I am a Vegan. I can eat....... I do not
eat......"  The idea is to present them in restaurants where you don't know
the language and, hopefully, be able to communicate what you would like to
eat.  Does anyone know of these and where they might be ordered?
Any help would be appreciated. Or a good source for a "food" vocabulary list
in German or  Japanese. Thanks to all