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vegie cooking school

I have recently rejoined the group, nice to be back.  My daughter with whom I
share some of the listings asked if anyone has information about a vegetarian
cooking school, she vaguely remembers that someone gave that information
before. It would need to be on the West coast.  Her daughter who is a senior
in high school plans to have her own vegie/vegan restaurant one day.

Also she thinks someone posted a vegan cheese substitute, does anyone have
this information?  We can't locate it in our files.

I came back after the roasted tomato sauce recipe was given would someone
please re-post or send it to my email address, I really appreciate it. 

My grand daughter fixed the Mexican Layered Casserole from the Aug. archive
and really enjoyed it, she put in some jalapenos and fired it up.  I fixed it
last night substituting pinto beans and dk. red kidney beans for the black
beans, it is an outstanding recipe.  It was submitted by Terry & Kathleen
Schuller.  Since my grand-daughter is vegan she appreciates those kinds of