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socially isolating

Mike, that post was hysterical!  I'm nominating your wife for a diplomatic 
post!  Seriously, I have erred on the other side.  I am always strictly 
vegetarian, but have tolerated oil in my food at restaurants because we 
don't eat out often.  It backfired, people often choose very marginal 
places like steakhouses or the Red Lobster (totally impossible!).   I've 
realized that many people, especially my older relatives, are 
subconsciously hostile toward vegetarians.  I'm working on being more 
assertive, but I am going to try prearranging things with the restaurant 
for the most part.   I wish that restaurant associations would start a 
voluntary program of offering one vlf vegetarian option on their menu, 
regardless of profit.   What a great public health effort that would be!