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Flax gloop recipe and....

Hi, folks,

"Noel V. Nevins" wrote RE:  egg replacers
Flax Seed Gloop (1/4 c. per egg, again) don't panic, you get to toss the oily

First let me say that I'm a big fan of any recipe with the word 'gloop' in
it.  Not that I run right out to make it, but I have to read it.  :)  The
REAL reason for my post was the question of oil.  I would think the oil would
be what was cooking out of the seeds to make the gloop 'gloopy' in the first
place.  Anybody know for sure?

Lastly, a FIRST!  (That looks strange, doesn't it?)  My younger SAD child
(the one who's the more adventurous eater and the healthier for it) had pasta
last night with a creamy 'tomato alfredo' sauce of lowfat silken tofu blended
with butter flavoring, nutritional yeast, low sodium V8 juice, garlic powder,
salt and pepper.  He wouldn't eat any salad but likes V8...so I dealt with
it.  But the BEST part was that his SADder-than-ever brother thought it
looked and smelled so good that he wanted some, too!!  I hadn't planned on
that, so he only had a bite and he'll have leftovers tonight.  I'm so happy
and you guys are the only ones who would really understand why.