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TGI Fridays

Saw  Victoria's mention of advoidance of chain restaurants.  I belong to
a stroke club that meets in a TGI Fridays.  While the sight of fried
everthing almost kills me, they DO serve a wonderful steamed vegetable
plate with a steamed potato which can be ordered without the cheese.

I order it with the plum dipping sauce (delicious, please don't anyone
tell me there's anything in it non-vegan) and eat the salad "dry."  I
bring along a supply of nutritional yeast flakes to spinkle on top of
it.  Salads aren't "dry," they're full of moisture!

Also "Good Eats" serves steamed veggies with no fat added.  It may be a
local chain, but when friends want to go "out," I try to steer them
towards one or the other.

I'll sign this one "Chow!"
Beverly Kurtin
Bev's Cooking 'n Eating Show